3.0. The beginning of modelling

You can’t disagree with an opinion that games are part of the pop culture. It reaches wide range of people who are not very much into arts. Laymen eagerly express their opinions about the visual part – after all we are talking about video games. Unfortunately, the lack of specialized knowledge results in judging games on the basis of textures resolution, level of details, frames per second, etc. It’s like judging a painting on the basis of the size of its canvas.

It is the object that matters for a graphic, as it is seen as the first one. Of course, we cannot forget about details altogether. They can, however, be dealt with on further stage of work. It is the solid that should determine details, not the other way round.

The first stage in working on an object is to create a very simple object, made up of very trivial shapes. Such an object is called whitebox. Thanks to the basic cubature all necessary alternations and changes can be easily implemented.

The issues that should be determined at this stage are above all:

  • the size of weapon,
  • the dimensions and proportions of the main elements,
  • the number and position of each attachment,
  • movable elements.

Correctly prepared whitebox makes the work much easier and faster. Although it will never be used in a game, it serves as a determinant of the basic parameters in the process of an object creation.