3.3. Perspective foreshortenings

Andrea Mantegna. <b>Opłakiwanie zmarłego Chrystusa</b>. ok. 1480. [online], <i>source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Op%C5%82akiwanie_zmar%C5%82ego_Chrystusa_(obraz_Mantegni)</i>
Foreshortening perspective on an Early Renaissance paining.
A substantial reduction in the weapon visibility on a screen is very limiting. In such a perspective parallel divisions (against vertical or horizontal edge of the screen) are very tricky and need to be manipulated in order to gain the best effect. Placing too many parallel lines has adverse influence of the shape on the weapon. It makes the object too chaotic and cut.

Too many divisions make noise, especially on the left side.

Exemplary ways to deal with that problem are as follows:

  • erasing unnecessary divisions,
  • extending an element deeper into the screen,
  • increasing spaces between divisions,
  • merging few divisions into one shape.