2.0. An object in a frame

Although setting-up weapon in a frame has a huge impact on an object it is often treated as one of graphic’s tasks. It is so, because placing an object in character’s hands requires cooperation of a few specialists from different branches. It is often beyond the competency of a modelling person.

Placing weapon correctly in the frame is important, as setting the position early in the work makes it easier to decide which elements are important and which should be abandoned. Setting an object determines the choice of silhouette, proportions and details’ visibility. Therefore, I’ve decided to discuss this chapter as the first one, before starting any kind of modelling.

While working on a FPP model, a graphic must check it in a scene most resembling the one in the game. Thus, one of a graphic task is to prepare the set-up. It is necessary even if tests would require setting camera in a modelling software. It would be perfect to have a preview in the game engine. It isn’t always possible though.

A test set-up in a modelling software