1.0. The first person perspective

Whenever something is created it is important to analyse how the object is going to be presented. This applies to almost every manifestation of human creativity.

The first chapter is entirely devoted to the general issues connected with the FPP view. The first-person perspective (FPP) differs from the others (e.g. a TPP or isometric projection) by the way the camera is embedded in the world of game.

In order to create a correct object in this projection, a knowledge of the object we are modelling is necessary (good analysis of the issue) and a knowledge of the shot which the object will be presented in (the relation of the object to the frame).

The rules for the FPP view are universal, the same for a lighter, a screwdriver or a rocket launcher. An experienced graphic, who knows the character of the FPP view, working on yet another object needs only to „understand” the object that is being created.