1.1. The history of the FPP games

Games with the first person perspective were a breakthrough for the video game industry. Thanks to it, a player 

[…] could empathies more with the character he was playing with. source

Together with the technological development, more and more creators turned to the FPP view, most often used it in RPG games […] It wasn’t, however, before the beginning of ’90s when the real breakthrough came: id Software launched Wolfenstein 3D, the game that set the standards. source

But it was

DOOM, launched in 1993, that revolutionized not only the shooter games, but also the whole market of computer games. source

The FPP games can be distinguished by a prop that appears in the screen corner. Usually, though it’s not a rule, a prop is being hold by a player.

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In Painkiller Hell&Damnation the view covers only a weapon, player’s hands are not visible.
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In Counter Strike Global Offensive player’s hands are visible.
Props put in character’s hands have hugely changed since it appeared for the first time. At the beginning those were only sprites which, with time, evaluated into the fully modelled 3D props.