4.3. Sights modelling

Both the scale of a scope and the red dot shape is an issue connected with graphic designing not modelling. Therefore, I will concentrate on iron sights and scope’s case, which are fully 3D objects.

Because in the targeting mode crosshair is substituted with a 3D object you have to take care of its shape and the sights’ silhouette. Also in this case the majority of real dimensions cannot be applied in games. The most common corrections include:

  • elements’ thickness – the faces that should be minute and only suggest their shape cannot take up too much space on the screen, it works also the other way round,
  • change of position – elements cannot be too small, should be visible and readable from a further distance from the screen (it is usually the distance between a sofa and a TV set),
  • changes in a sight construction – it’s especially vital when we skip the rear sight/ sight vane. The point, we will shoot at, must be clearly defined and visible at the first sight. Sights in the shape of a circle are good example. Its middle, and place we are shooting at, can be established straightforward.

Lukerichard. <b>Cybergun Cyma Thompson</b> [online]. <i>source: http://s294.photobucket.com/user/lukerichard/media/P1010136.jpg.html</i>
The picture shows real shooting from Thompson submachine gun. Such dimensions cannot be used in a game.

Other examples of redesigning that has positive impact on aiming in shooters:

It’s worth remembering that the scopes must be placed exactly in the middle of a weapon. Usually it is so, although some exceptions can be found. They shouldn’t be strangely misplaced in relation to the weapon’s axis. You should also make sure, in the orthogonal projection, if the fore sight and the rear sight are placed on similar height.

Weapon in two orthogonal projections together with drawn axes.

Exceptions to that rule show objects that have scopes mounted at a side (usually the optical sights).

<b>M1-D Garand Sniper Rifle</b> [online]. <i>source: http://www.militariaauctionsetc.com/firearms_m1-d_garand_cw_smith_carbine#Next</i>
An example of a scope mounted at a side